Is it a True Freedom?


There was a man who was running a Trout where he bred fresh water fish which came by a nearby lake. Suddenly he realized that the number of fish that were bred in his hatchery was decreasing. He immediately appointed few men to guard the fish against the cranes which he thought were coming to his lake and pecking away the fish. But in spite of that the fish were disappearing in large numbers.

One day, the farm owner’s friend visited his farm. While admiring the beauty of the fish in the lake he was observing the pipe that brings water from the lake to the farm. He was not able to believe what he saw. Yes! He saw the fish in the breeding site jump into the pipe that brings water to the farm and escape through the pipe. He called the farm owner and he also could not believe what he saw. The pipe was three feet above the water with a high water speed.

If these fish think that it is freedom to jump with such great force and swim with such great strength then they are wrong because at the end of the pipe Cranes would be awaiting and watching to peck and swallow these fish said the farm owner.

“What makes these fish swim back into the lake?” was his question.
What do you think is true freedom?

Many times we don’t realize that going away from God is not true freedom. We are going to get trapped into the net of the devil and lead a foolish life. Don’t run away from God. Don’t go your own way. Don’t choose a path that is not in the right direction. But instead keep God’s Word in your heart. Meditate on His Word day and night. Keep right beside God at all times, and remember, if you are with Him, then He will be with you.

A sheep doesn’t lead the shepherd, but the shepherd leads the sheep. God is the shepherd, and we are His sheep. So follow God, and you will save your life from destruction and troubles.

–Disadur dari email pak Gembala


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