Lighting Another Candle


Kramer was a great pianist. Some said he was the greatest pianist in his time. He lived in a small town where the people were poor and the living was simple. He himself had been poor once and he never forgot that his roots were in his hometown. So despite being rich, brilliant and famous, he lived in a modest house in the heart of the little town. He had long since retired from being a concert pianist, and now he lived with his wife and his children.

But Kramer was not happy. He was still brilliant and he wanted to do something more than live an easy life. One day, he hit upon the idea of giving piano lessons to the young people in the town. His wife was displeased to say the least,

“Why should you do that?” she asked her husband, “everyone will want to be as rich and famous as you. And then you will lose all the distinction you have earned so hard.”

Kramer said, “A candle loses nothing, after all by lighting another candle.”
So he started giving lessons to the young men and women in the town and sure enough, he discovered reserves of great talent.

One young man especially had the potential to be brilliant. Kramer concentrated hard on him. And soon he was as versatile a musician as Kramer had once been. He became known as Kramer’s protégé and Kramer personally saw that he debuted at one of the greatest stages in Europe. The young man was received with thunderous applause at the end of the concert. He stood up to take a bow and was asked to give a speech, so exquisite had been his playing.

In his speech he thanked his parents and his friends who have been so supportive and finally he dedicated his speech to Kramer. He said, “I could never have done it without you, Sir.” He said this with tears in his eyes,

“You have helped to lighten this candle and I promise to make you proud.”

This was the greatest accolades Kramer had received in his life.
Give a good-impact life in around of you..

–from an email


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